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A Super-Soft Foundation for any Sleep System. Our silky-soft Original Performance Fitted Sheet is the baseline of a great bedding set. SHEEX® ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE fitted sheet provides a super-soft foundation for any sleep system. Add as an addition to a core performance set or mix and match with pillowcases for a change of look.

SHEEX® super-soft fabrics are designed to allow air to flow and circulate for a cool, dry, and comfortable sleeping environment. They wick moisture away from your skin and transport it through the fabric to evaporate quickly, ensuring you stay dry, cool and comfortable throughout the night.

SHEEX® ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE transfers body heat 2X more effectively than traditional cotton sheets and breathes nearly 50% better than traditional cotton to reduce sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. Our ultra-soft fitted sheet stretches to fit various mattress depths and uses athletic-inspired silver elastic trim to securely hold your sheet in place.

Fitted sheets are sold individually as a singular [1] Fitted Sheet.


  • Queen includes one Queen fitted sheet
  • King includes one King fitted sheet
  • Silver elastic securely holds fitted sheet in place
  • Fabrics: 87% microfiber polyester, 13% spandex
  • Imported

Use cold water and choose a regular cycle with no bleach or fabric softener and no fabric dryer sheets. Tumble dry on low, and don't worry about having to iron - SHEEX® are wrinkle-resistant! SHEEX® wash and dry wonderfully and also hold up well against fading and shrinking

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Best Features of our Original Performance Sheets


Super-Soft Touch

Our lightweight fabric is ultra-soft and feels incredibly smooth against your skin


Temperature Control

Fabric releases trapped body heat, keeping you cooler than traditional bedding