Sleep Tracker Apps To Help You Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep Tracker Apps To Help You Get Adequate Sleep

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Sleep is the foundation for performing well in your daily life, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, many people have insomnia and other sleep-related problems that prevent them from getting a good night's rest. If you're one of these individuals, sleep hygiene is an excellent way to keep you from counting sheep.


But how do you know if your sleep is improving without tangible results? Enter sleep tracker apps. With a smartphone or sensor device, you can monitor your sleeping habits and make necessary adjustments based on your results. Check out some of our recommendations below and see if any of these apps help you achieve a better night's sleep.


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Sleep Cycle


Sleep Cycle is one of the most popular sleep tracker apps on the market for a good reason. Available on both iPhone and Android, Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns via movement or sound. The app uses this information to wake you up when you're in a light sleep state, which feels more natural than an abrupt, scheduled alarm. Best of all, it's completely free. If you like Sleep Cycle, you can pay for a premium subscription and enjoy exclusive features like heart rate monitoring and Philips® Hue light bulb support.




Similar to Sleep Cycle, Pillow tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up at the right time in your sleep schedule. If you own an Apple Watch, Pillow is the easiest sleep tracker app to use. There's no need to set anything up or press any buttons. Just wear your Apple Watch to bed, and Pillow will automatically track your heart rate, movements, and even snoring. Don't have an Apple Watch? You can still use Pillow with your iPhone or iPad. There's also a premium subscription where you can receive personalized sleep recommendations and other advanced features.




If you prefer a Fitbit over an Apple Watch when it comes to wearable devices, the Fitbit app provides reliable sleep analysis. Just wear your Fitbit when you hit the hay, and your tracker will automatically record data from your sleep stages. You can also make mornings more peaceful by setting a silent alarm. Once you set it up in the app, your tracker will make a quiet vibration to wake you up gently. The Fitbit app is also the most widely accessible app on this list, as it's compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.


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SleepScore, which claims to be the world's most accurate sleep app, measures your sleep quality and delivers in-depth analysis for every stage of your sleep. When you download it for free on the App Store or Google Play, you get a sleep score, and you work to improve that score the more you use the app. If you're serious about your slumber, consider the SleepScore Max, a sensor you place on your bedside table that measures the quality and quantity of your sleep. While you can use your phone to monitor your sleep patterns, the SleepScore Max is the most accurate way to do it.




One of the most common sleeping problems people deal with is snoring. After all, it affects 37 million American adults daily. While many apps on this list offer a feature to monitor snoring, you might have to pay extra for it. Consider SnoreLab, the number one iOS and Android app for snoring management. SnoreLab gives you a snore score by measuring your snoring intensity and duration. It then provides solutions to help reduce your snore score and improve overall sleep quality.


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