2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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2022 Valentines Gift Guide

Looking for a game-changing, or sleep-changing, Valentine’s Day gift for someone special? SHEEX has the perfect gifts for you to spoil your loved ones. For everyone from your significant other, to your galentine, to your officemate, we’ve listed our favorites by sleep personality below! 

For the Royal Snoozer 

This one is for the person on your list who enjoys their beauty sleep. After a long nightly skincare routine, they get into bed early and then hit snooze fifteen times before waking. The royal snoozer requires equally royal bedding. Our luxurious Midnight Label Collection is made from a frictionless fabric, reducing the stress on hair and skin caused by the tugging and pulling associated with traditional sheets. Say goodnight to morning crush wrinkles, dry skin and brittle, tangled hair and wake up rejuvenated from the SHEEX revitalizing sleep experience. 

Midnight Label Sheet Set

Midnight Label Sheet Set


Description Details Care The Beauty of Performance™Are you ready to experience the coolest, most luxurious night’s sleep you have ever had? Introducing the SHEEX Midnight Label Sheet Set, our latest innovation in performance bedding! SHEEX® has partnered with the revolutionary… read more

For the Insomniac 

Know someone who has trouble falling asleep at night? The worries of their career or the world may weigh them down into a spiral of negative thoughts. 

Treat the worrier in your life with our CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket! Calm their nerves with our 15-pound weighted blanket that gives them the serene and comforting sensation of being held or hugged.

The CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket is designed to promote a feeling of soothing calm through the even distribution of firm yet gentle pressure. This deep-touch pressure is scientifically proven to stimulate the release of serotonin and melatonin, reducing stress and encouraging relaxation and comfort. 

For the Early Riser 

We recommend something tried and true for the person in your life who is up and at ‘em at 6:00am, or even before. Original Performance Sheets are not only ridiculously soft, but also temperature regulating, allowing the early riser to get a full restful and restorative night’s sleep. 

Original Performance Sheet Sets stretch, conform and lock on to your mattress with stay-fit corners. They will never have to waste time dealing with sheets popping off the corners. Plus, these sheets are wrinkle-free, perfect for someone on-the-go with limited time. It’s easy to see why this gorgeous silky set is our most popular! 

Original Performance Sheet Set

Original Performance Sheet Set


Description Details Care Put an end to over-heating and other sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations and start getting the great night’s sleep your body needs to perform at its peak.Our luxurious, ridiculously soft sheet sets breathe 10x better than traditional cotton sheets,… read more

For the Up-All-Nighter 

This person on your list could go to sleep, but they just don’t want to. There’s so many things to do, so many shows to watch and so many social media platforms to scroll! Make them fall in love with sleep all over again with our Arctic Aire•MAX Collection. 

This softer-than-silk collection is also environmentally responsible, made from renewable raw materials and manufactured in an environmentally responsible production process. The natural hypoallergenic fibers and 100% TENCEL Lyocell help provide the restful and restorative night’s sleep we all deserve. Who knows, the up-all-nighter might turn into a royal snoozer before you know it! 

Read more about TENCEL Lyocell here. 

Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set

Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set


Description Details Care Made from naturally hypoallergenic fibers, our 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell SHEEX® Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Sets are softer than silk and thoughtfully designed with SHEEX® CoolX™ Technology that wicks away moisture to keep your body cool and comfortable while… read more

For Absolutely Everyone 

If there’s still people left on your Valentine’s gift list that did not fall into one of the above categories, SHEEX has the answer. Whether it be an athlete who needs some dedicated sleep recovery or a new parent who savors their sleep, our supportive pillows are the perfect way to tell someone how much you care. 

Our pillows are made for specific sleep positions. Side sleepers need a pillow with a higher rise for neck and spine support while stomach and back sleepers need a lower pillow for their alignment. We filled our pillows with hypoallergenic down alternative performance fiber fill for proper distribution providing better neck support and spine alignment for both types of sleepers.  

A third option for a combination sleeper who might seek a firmer, memory foam option is the Infinite Zen Performance Pillow. Created to be the softest, most resilient and responsive pillow on earth, the top layer draws heat away from your head for a continuous, cool feeling. 

Original Performance Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

Original Performance Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow


Description Details Care Do you spend sleepless nights pillow flipping, or flipping yourself from side to side, searching for a cool, comfortable spot to lay your head? Then, our ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Down Alternative Pillow for Side Sleepers is the solution… read more

Sold Out

Original Performance Down Alternative Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow

Original Performance Down Alternative Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow


Description Details Care Cool, breathable, adaptable - the ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Down Alternative Pillow does it all. Utilizing our cool-to-touch, moisture-wicking ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE fabric combined with phase changing Cell Solution® CLIMA fill in the outer removable cover, this pillow provides optimal… read more

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow


Description Details Care Engineered with SHEEX¨ SLEEP¥TECH¨ TechnologyWe guarantee our Infinite Zen Performance Pillow will be the coolest pillow youÕve ever rested your head on. SHEEX Serene¥Chillª Memory Foam represents_the latest advances in ultimate comfort, support and breathability. Created to… read more

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