Why Homegating Is Better Than Tailgating

Tailgating the big NFL game this weekendsoundslike a great idea until you slog through a foot of snow and run out of hot dog buns long before you finish grilling hot dogs. In the past few years homegating has become a popular alternative to tailgating, and for good reason: it is less expensive, more comfortable, and allows you to bask in the full glory of your kitchen. After all, is it even a football game without a dish of your signature mile-high nachos? We know some diehards simply must bein the room where it happens(though we do not know where the overlap exists between NFL fans and Hamilton buffs) so consider the following when pitting homegating vs. tailgating:

Save Money

saving money in a piggy bank The cheapest NFL tickets run about $100 per person, and for popular teams, the average price is double that.By homegating you will save at least $500 when you factor in your entire family. That leaves a sizable budget to buy or cook round after round of appetizers, snacks, and treats while still coming out on top financially. Heck, why not use the savings to up your bedding game?  Our Original Performance Sheets are sure to be a TOUCHDOWN!

Eliminate Stress

BBQing colorful vegetable and meat kabobs Tailgating requires hours of planning, packing, and stress. Keep all of your gear at home to cut out hours of transport and set-up time so you can begin grilling and baking hours before kickoff without a care. You also eliminate the possibility of foul weather throwing a wrench into your plans and making the day a miserable waste of money.

Accommodate More People

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a game is discussing the action and sharing in the joys (and sometimes heartbreak) of your favorite team with family and friends. When tailgating you most likely will not be sitting in a large group once you enter the stadium, and even if you manage to get seats near each other you can only talk to one or two people at a time.Hosting a homegating viewing party allows you to connect with everyone throughout the game, and you can fit as many people as your living room holds.

Stay Comfortable

Friends on a couch cheering for the football game on TV Homegating is simply better than tailgating because you can snuggle up and relax in the comfort of your home. Slip into our Ridiculously Soft™ and breathable 828 Motion Sleepwear¬†‚Äî the breathable performance fabric prevents you from working up a sweat when you cannot help but yell at the TV after a bad call from the ref.¬† Save tailgating for college homecoming and start a new tradition of hosting your neighborhood homegating party to cheer your team on to victory while scarfing down homemade goodies.¬†Curl up under one of our¬†temperature regulating comforters¬†and claim your favorite spot on the couch.