The Benefits of Cuddling

Are you still battling the arctic chill of winter? With unpredictable February temps thatcan occasionally dip below freezing you may be turning to hot cocoa, sweaters, scarves and just about anything to make you feel warmer in these colder months. To feel cozier, why not rely on cuddling? Getting tangled in the sheets and snuggling under a fluffy comforter with your partner can providea much needed rise in body temperature and heart rate. Beyond the obvious benefits of warmth, you may be surprised to learn that cuddling delivers several tangible health benefits. Health professionals agree: cuddling can boost your health and disposition in more ways than one.

SHEEX Couple Sleeping

How is Cuddling Good for You?

Have you ever noticed how your body reacts to skin-to-skin contact with someone?We all long to release stress and tension, and according to experts cuddling is a simple relaxant that can ease your body and mind. A simple human touchprovides many benefits.Multiple hormones that increase pleasure and/or inhibit stressors are released in your brain as you cuddle:
  • Oxytocin ‚Äì a ‚Äúlove‚Äù hormone that is related to pleasure helps cement positive social memoriesincreases
  • Dopamine ‚Äì a vital mood booster hormone which plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior and affects sensations of pleasure
  • Cortisol ‚Äì the stress hormone that causes anxiousness and a decrease in cognitive functionis inhibited by hormones like oxytocin
Many experts recommend human touch as a way to help with depression and anxiety. In recent studies, human touch was found to be an integral contributor tomother and child bonding -cuddling is for all types of relationships, including lovers, parent-child relationships, and friendships.

So, Why Does a Hug Feel So Good?

Much like a cuddle session on the couch,a simple hug can provide positive health effects.Hugging regularly helps your immune system fight off infections like the common cold. The explanation: physical touch and social acceptancereduce your stress levels, which consequently helps your immune system fire on all cylinders. The benefits of a warm embrace can include:
  • Strengthening social support ‚Äìexperiencing stronger bonds in your relationships is great for your psychological and mental health.
  • A positive influence on mood, behavior, and physiology.
  • Lowering your blood pressure.
Never underestimate the power of a hug!

Cuddling with Your Pet

Cuddling With Your Pet

What relationship is more trusting than the one between you and your pet? The love is unconditional, and having Spot or Mr. Whiskers cuddled up by your side can make you feel safe.Scientific studies have shown that cuddlingis even good for your pet. Domesticated mammals need a cuddle or two in order to: Consider sharing the bed with your furry friend - justfollow proper precautions to ensure your bed stays clean and the pet-person dynamic remains healthy. Be honest - there is nothing better than a puppy kiss to wake you up in the morning.

Sleeping Couple Cuddling

Ready to Cuddle Up?

Here are a few factors to consider when you feel like cuddling:
  • Temperature ‚ÄìYour body temperature is unique - you may sleep hotter or colder than your snuggle partner. Temperature is a crucial factor to control for optimal sleep. Take that worry out of the equation withSHEEX Performance Sheets¬Æ.
  • The size of the bed ‚Äì a bigger bed can lend itself to a more comfortable sleep by providing you with the option to cuddleand then sleep independently as needed.
  • Your feelings - Cuddling is terrific as long as all parties are enthusiastic. Discuss preferences with your partner or family so no one feels smothered or neglected.
Life is filled with many pleasures that keep us happy and warm. Human touch can cure us of many ailments, so give it a trywhen it is cold or when you need to unwind.