Spring Cleaning Tips & Checklist

We can already smell the orangey-scent, all-purpose citrus cleaner. Spring cleaning is in full bloom, which means the aisles at your local grocery store are stocked with your favorite cleaning products. Wood cleaner? Got that. Duster? Need that. However, there is much more to spring cleaning than just an accumulation of your favorite products. Spring cleaning takes discipline. To effectively master the art, you must Marie Kondo your entire approach. Find the cleaning methods that spark joy and leave your old habits in the box of clutter outside. As much as you love getting lounging in your SHEEX set, now is the time to get clean and tidy in your home. In honor of the flowers blooming and the rebirth of vegetation,SHEEX is offering tips to help you thoroughly clean your space. We’ve got a checklist for how to tackle each room plus the answer to the perennial question:Why is spring cleaning a thing? Spring Cleaning Tips

Why is spring cleaning a thing?

The dreaded – or anticipated, depending on what camp you fall in – practice of thorough home cleaning is a way to mark the change of the seasons in most households. The bitter days of a closed up house during the winter greets the open windows and fresh air of spring and just sets the stage for a clean house. This allows for people who live in typically cold climates to readjust, get rid of the things they don’t need and prepare for the massive change in season coming their way. Beyond that, many cultures tend to do an end-of-year sweep, which sometimes ends up being in the spring depending on the calendar. But spring cleaning does a whole lot more than just provide you with clean surfaces and invigorating scents. This annual ritual allows you to reap physical and psychological benefits. It revives the spirit of your home, which in turn gives you a sense of that “something new” you’re yearning for in the early days of spring.

What month is spring cleaning?

There is no specific answer to this. National Spring Cleaning Week takes place during the first full week of March, perfect if you need a designated celebration date to kick you into gear. However, spring officially begins with the spring equinox on either March 20th or 21st, marking the perfect time to begin cleaning. Regardless, anytime in March, April or even May evokes the need to spring clean. If you live in a warm-all-year-round climate, you can start as early as February. But if you do, be sure to sweep through your place one last time before the summer days begin. You know, just for good measure. Spring Cleaning Checklist

What should be on your spring cleaning checklist?

When it comes to the approach, you want to polish your home room by room. Start with the kitchen and end with bedroom. This helps you celebrate minor accomplishments while also keeping your process organized. Maybe you accomplish two rooms a day so that you have time to take a break. Whatever your strategy may be, here is a checklist that can help you get through it all:

1. Start with the kitchen.Tackle those unsightly baking dishes by crumpling up a ball of aluminum foil and scrubbing the stubborn grime away. Get behind the areas you tend to avoid such as the refrigerator, oven and cabinets. Clean out untouched and expired foods from your winter hibernation, and be sure to wipe the stovetops, cabinets and counters squeaky clean.

2. Brave the bathroom.Get your bathtub ready for those “treat yourself” spring moments. Nights of bath bombs and Epsom-salt baths can often leave a residue, much to your dismay. Just drizzle some coarse salt on the surface and start scrubbing away. You can also get your shower area back to brand-new when you place a bag of vinegar around the showerhead. Make sure to scrub the toilet, take glass cleaner to your mirrors and dust feverishly behind the crevices of your toilet and closets. According to Good Housekeeping, you can “freshen drains and help keep them free-flowing with a mix of ½ cup baking soda and ¼ cup table salt. Pour the mixture down the drain, followed by 1 cup heated vinegar.” All you have to do is let it stand for 15 minutes, then let hot water flushthe mixture and you’re good to go. While all that’s being done, you can complete the bathroom makeover with freshly laundered towels.

3. Class up the living room. Dust your air vents, because you know they probably need the TLC. After a long, dusty winter, it’s time to breathe better in spring. You can take a regular duster or wrap a butter knife with a rag and get deep into the crevices of the vent. And the dust doesn’t stop there. Tackling the carpet is crucial if you’re a pet-owner. Vacuuming is a good place to start, but renting a carpet cleaner for spring cleaning especially won’t hurt. If you don’t have to worry about the anguish of a dirty carpet, mop or Swiffer your floors. Be sure to dust your blinds and TVs, and don’t forget to wipe down coffee tables. It’s also important to get in between the couch cushions.

4. Make your bedroom as good as new.Your bedroom is your sanctuary and functions a lot like your living room. You‚Äôre going to want to clean any vents, blinds, electronics, furniture and floors. However, you want to take it a step further and purge some things you don‚Äôt need anymore. Recycle or donate clothes that you don‚Äôt want, and switch out your sheets for something a little more vibrant. If you already own a set of our ridiculously soft sheets, make sure to wash them in cold water to kill any dust mites. In fact, you want to start with this so you can get the rest of the cleaning done while your sheets are washing. If you‚Äôd rather toss your old sheets and sleep on something better, try our Original Performance Sheet Set. This will help you Sleep Comfortable™ when you move forward to spring. While your sheets are in the wash, vacuum your mattress and flip it over, if applicable. Get rid of dust on fans, and take microfiber cloths with glass cleaner to the blinds. If you have carpet in your bedroom, use detergent and hot water for any carpet stains. Watch your room transform into a vibrant and clean oasis to beautifully wrap up your spring cleaning marathon.

Ready to get cleaning? Here are some final tips from SHEEX.

  • Clean room by room.
  • Don‚Äôt waste your money on a ton of cleaning products.
  • As much as you love cleaning the usual areas, really brave the neglected ones.
  • Clean the clutter. It‚Äôs not just about Lysol and vacuums. It‚Äôs also about getting organized.
  • Make piles for things you want to trash, donate, store and put away.
  • Get everyone in the household involved.
  • Make sure to develop new cleaning habits. Simple 15-minute cleanup routines with increments of 1- to 2-minute chores over time will make spring cleaning a less-dreaded task.
Now that you know the ins and outs of spring cleaning, it’s time to slip on the glamorous yellow rubber gloves and get right to it. Spring Cleaning Checklist