Your Sheets Should Feel Just as Good as Your Favorite Activewear

When you’re at home or running errands, it’s safe to say you’re most likely wearing gym shorts, leggings or an athletic shirt. Why? Becausethey’re undeniably comfortable, breathe easy and allow proper air flow. So why doesn’t this level of comfort translate to your bedding? With SHEEX® Performance Bedding, it can. Here are some of the reasons why your sheets should feel as good as what you wear to the gym:Athleisure Clothing


This seems like an obvious reason, but it‚Äôs the most important one. You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why wouldn‚Äôt you get the best, most comfortable bed sheets you can afford to enjoy quality rest? After all, your skin touches your bed sheets every single night, so comfort should matter most. Our sheet sets, pillows, duvet covers and comforters provide the same silky, Ridiculously Soft™ touch as your favorite gym shirt and pair of leggings. This makes it feel incredibly smooth against your skin as you get in your recommended seven to eight hours of sleep.

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Temperature Control

When you’re working hard at the gym, staying cool and sweat-free can be tough without the help of activewear. Wear a cotton shirt instead and you’ll be drenched in sweat by the end of your session, leaving you with embarrassing stains and odors. If you get hot easily and sweat a lot at the gym, chances are the same happens to you in the bedroom. That’s why our sheet sets are the best at keeping you cool at night. Made using the same fabric as your favorite activewear, our cooling sheets can transfer body heat twice as efficiently as traditional cotton. This allows your body temperature to remain stable throughout the night, leading to a cooler, more restorative sleep. Just like activewear, our fabrics provide enhanced breathability and moisture-wicking technology to keep you from waking up sweaty and uncomfortable.

Durability and Fit

When you buy the best activewear for your workouts, you can expect unbeatable durability that‚Äôll last for many years to come. The same can be said for our bedding. Our innovative cooling sheets have been tested at Diversified Testing Laboratories and are resistant to pilling and wrinkles. The right activewear should also fit perfectly for your body, and we borrow that same philosophy when it comes to our cooling sheets. Whether you have an extra deep or pillowtop mattress, our performance bedding sheets boast naturally deep pockets and four-way stretch capabilities. This ensures they will fit snugly around your mattresses without popping off, making them the best-fitting sheets you can find. If you‚Äôre ready to step up your bedding game, take that feeling of breathability and comfort from your gym attire to your mattress with SHEEX¬Æ Performance Bedding. SLEEP COOL. SLEEP DRY. SLEEP COMFORTABLE.™