Prepping For Holiday Guests

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Does the thought of prepping for holiday guests put you in a trance? Are you staying up at night thinking of all the items on your to-do list in order to get the house ready? Preparing your guest room for the holidays can be fun and exciting as long as you have a plan in place. When family and friends come to ring in the holiday season with you, there are a few things you should consider doing to make their visit warm and cozy. From tips and tricks to prepare a room with ease to the types of sheets you should provide, as well as all those amenities you can offer - we’ve got some great advice to help you prep for your holiday guests. 

Guest Room Ideas

holiday-guest-roomPreparing for guests is much easier with a little teamwork, especially if the whole family pitches in. The ideal guest room layout has a bathroom attached or a suite style room with private facilities. In the event that you must share the bathroom, accommodate the guest in getting up a little earlier to use the facilities and make your guests feel at home. Use great smelling cleaners, put out scented soaps in the bathroom, and lay out clean hand towels; small touches like these can create a more positive experience for everyone. Be sure to clean out the closets and drawers to give guests space to feel at home in their room.

Bed Sheet Essentials

Some people handle climates differently because of individual body temperatures, and preferences may vary from person to person. When it comes to sleeping in your guest room, some guests may find it too warm while others may find it too cool. This can make for some uncomfortable nights; however, there is a sweet solution to the holiday guest room climate issue. Performance bedding helps regulate the temperature of any guest, giving them the best night’s sleep - ever.SHEEX Performance Sheets® products are perfect because they balance body temps for any type of visitor. That’s right! All of your guests will rave about these sheets… so much so that their Secret Santa might need to gift them a pair. Plus,SHEEX® authentic performance fabric sheets wash and dry quickly and don’t wrinkle, so look forward to an easy clean up after your guests leave. **This only applies to our knit fabrics, not woven fabrics. SHEEX-Guest-Prep

Add Some Sweet Amenities

The holidays come with loads of sweets and savory treats that aren’t just limited to the kitchen. Make your guests at home by giving them cool touches in their room that suit their individual needs. For instance, a small desk or sitting area is perfect for guests who need personal time away from the holiday hustle and bustle. Keeping guests’ dietary needs in mind when it comes to providing self-serve breakfast and lunch items or even preparing meals can be a nice touch. While you and your family may not be vegetarian or gluten-free, guests will very much appreciate the hospitality during the stress of the holidays.

Guest Room Overflow & Guest Bed Ideas for Kids

If you’re having the whole extended family in town, you may be scrambling to find room for aunts, uncles, cousins, and little ones. Even if you cannot offer everyone a private guest room, there are still ways to make your guests feel at home.SHEEX® 2-in-1 Performance Sleep•Sax are the ultimate portable bedding system. If you’re hosting multiple guests at a time and need some easy, comfortable, and quick bedding solutions, stock up on a few of these to pull out when guests arrive.

bedding-sheexGive Your House A Loving Touch

You’ll want your guests to feel welcome and one of the most loving touches you can give your home is to add some warm scents. Candles or tart burners are an easy way to warm the air, and add a festive ambiance. Room sprays and essential oils are also great ideas Remember, when it comes to the best night’s sleep ever, SHEEX® luxurious performance products are the way to go. Both you and your guests will never sleep the same again once you curl up into the most amazing bedding you’ve ever placed on your bed.  And remember, with SHEEX®  quick-drying, wrinkle-free products, cleanup is a cinch, so you can get to that much needed post-holiday rest faster than ever.