Does Your Significant Other Run Hot?

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You can’t live without them, but you can’t bear to sleep with them. Does your partner run so hot in bed that neither one of you is comfortable or can get a decent night’s sleep? Is the feeling of being snuggled next to each other completely tarnished by the aftermath of sleeping in a puddle of sweat?

What Happens to the Body While You Sleep?

As you begin to fall asleep, your body isregulating its temperature to ensure a deep slumber. Don’t count your brain out! It’s constantly working to reach a pinnacle rapid eye movement, or REM sleep. Because the brain is focused on this task, it relies on the body to release heat and lower in temperature. The internal temperature of your body begins to decrease from its average of 98.6 degrees, and as it decreases, you’ll begin to feel tired, and ready for sleep. If you and your partner can’t seem to cool off enough before bed try:
  • Drinking a glass of cold water
  • Taking a warm bath about an hour before bed. This seems contradictory, but the water on your skin begins to evaporate as you step out of the tub. This effectively cools the body, similar to how your body sweats to cool itself.
  • Wearing your favorite breathable SHEEX performance sleepwear

The Battle of the Thermostat

You swear it’s better to sleep in the colder temperatures. Your partner begs to differ and is convinced that sleeping  in warmer temperatures is ideal. So, which of you is right? Well, it is all according to preferences in temperature. Most people find thatsleeping in a colder rooms brings an easier and more efficient drowsy feeling to help you fall asleep faster. The lower the temperature, the easier your internal body temperature declines causing you to fall asleep. If sleeping in a frigid temperature is not appaling for both parties, then you could reach a happy medium by adding blankets for balanced comfort. If you and your partner find compromise at a higher room temperature, then sleeping in breathable bedding will help transfer body heat away from you more effectively than traditional cotton to promote body temperature regulation.

Temperature Preferences

More often than not, one partner runs colder than the other. Here are a few tips depending on who’s hot vs. who’s cold:

Sleeping in Cooling SheetsYou Run Cold

  • Sleep farther from a window
  • Wear pajamas like flannel or wool
  • Sleep under¬†fleece sheets

You Run Hot

  • Sleep next to a fan
  • Wear a more breathable fabric to allow air flow
  • Sleep in bedding breathes and/or utilizes cooling technology
No matter the sleep preference, when it comes to temperature, there will  have to be some wiggle room as everyone is different in how they choose to sleep. We all deserve that restful sleep, and there is sure to be a solution to any sleeping arrangement for any pairing.