SHEEX® Donates SLEEP•SAX To Cliff Avril's Haiti Initiative

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SHEEX® Sleep Ambassador Cliff Avril is having a banner campaign with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. The ninth year All-Pro defensive end recorded career highs of 39 tackles and 11.5 sacks during the 2016 regular season. Avril had some extra motivation for his quarterback takedowns after Haiti was ravaged by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Following the hurricane’s devastation, Avril announced that he would be donating money to build houses in Haiti. His parents are Haitian, so this cause was particularly close to his heart. According to the Seahawks’ website, Avril said in October, “For every sack I get this year, including the two I already have, I will be donating to build a house in Haiti, especially in those areas that got flooded.” Up to 90 percent of the southern areas of Haiti were destroyed and many of the homes on the island were not able to withstand the effects of severe weather. As word spread of Avril’s commitment to build a new home for each sack, individuals and companies pledged to match or double the number of homes to be built. “We have companies now that have gotten involved where, now not only is it every time I get a sack, but there is a company that’s matching it for two, so there is three homes going up for every sack,” he told “So it’s cool to be able to use your platform to be able to help so many other people and that’s what I want to continue to keep doing.” SHEEX® wanted to help Cliff with his initiative, as well, and the obvious choice was to donate the super portable SHEEX® SLEEP•SAX to complement his on-the-field sacks for the homes he would be building. The SLEEP•SAX are uniquely suited for the climate of Haiti with their moisture-wicking technology and breathability. Great job, Cliff! We look forward to seeing what you can accomplish not only on the football field this season, but in your future humanitarian efforts! Live the SHEEX® Life, at home or abroad, and join a community focused on healthy lifestyles, building connections and restorative sleep.