Are you one of the more than 100 million Americans who does not get the recommended
seven hours of sleep per night? Yep, we thought so. This March, we looked to accomplish more than just madly filling
out a hoops tournament bracket in hopes of seeing a ridiculously sweet buzzer beater. The SHEEX Sleep Challenge
provides slam dunk tips and tricks so you can get your best sleep possible.

The Challenge: Each Sunday in March, we shared information to help bring your
slumber to its fullest potential. Be offered a chance to win some valuable prizes, including our
Original Performance Sheet Set. Be sure to share your sleep success stories on social media using #ScoreWithSHEEX.

The Prizes: Each week, we gave away 3 Original Performance Sheet Sets. One
prize winner received the week’s featured products in addition to an Original Performance Sheet Set.

The Challenge: Each week in March we will share tips to help you on the road to better sleep and for a chance to win SHEEX prizes! The Prizes: Each week, 2 lucky participants will be randomly chosen to receive a SHEEX featured product.

Check Out the Challenge Prizes:

The Challenge Has Now Ended! Join Us Again Next Year.